Outlook integration (Coming soon)

With Mail Tools plug-in for Outlook, users can access and search CleanerINBOX Plus Archiving directly from Outlook. Whether tracking down an old email or restoring a message deleted in error, users can easily take advantage of the archive with little or no assistance from their technical support team. The IT administrator benefits from reduced manual effort, while maintaining control over email retention policies and end user access privilege.

Rest assured

Does the job of meeting legal and regulatory compliance keep you up at night? You’re not alone. The consequences for failing to comply with data laws can be costly. With ControlArchive, you can quickly and easily handle e-discovery requests. You’ll also meet data retention laws by retaining emails in a secure, tamperproof archive that ensures communications remain in their original state.

  • Policy based email archiving
  • Advanced search features of historic emails

Email Archiving

Archiving Services (per email Annually)
Archiving Services (per email Quarterly)
Archiving Services (per email Monthly)

Light load, strong security

Archiving business communications is fast becoming a necessity for companies of all sizes. ControlArchive is standard within CleanerINBOX Plus (MAX Mail) but is also available as a standalone service. Reduce the stress on your company’s email infrastructure. With ControlArchive, it’s easy to import messages – and you receive unlimited email storage. Strong safeguards are in place at our six data centers distributed around the world, ensuring your archived data is fully protected. The safeguards include tightly controlled physical access to the data centers, servers and other service components, as well as multiple levels of electronic protection.

  • Scales with your business
  • Built-in email continuity